Operations Manager

Monitors and coordinates activities of Patraos in the portfolio to ensure operational excellence, to maximise returns on investments, and to increase productivity
Manages the performance and potential of Patraos, recognising individual differences in terms of career objectives, expertise, culture, interests etc.
Monitors and observes the capability of Nandocas and ensures the implementation of required training throughout the portfolio (including the final selection for Hatchlings, Learnership and relevant external programmes)
Prepares and participates in recruitment and talent management activities for the portfolio (including succession planning and capacity building)
Determines headcount and salary allocation within casas,monitoring and authorising all new appointments and payment thereof
Monitors behaviour in the casa to ensure that any form of abuse of Nandocas is reported, addressed and followed up
Submits all Patrao termination paperwork to Payroll
Onboards new managers for the casas in the portfolio
Creates an engaged and motivated workforce throughout the portfolio by establishing an environment that fosters wellbeing, learning and development
Provides feedback to Patraos on a regular basis and builds their capability to delegate, upskill, coach and manage performance in the casa
Partners with Patraos to set personal development goals in order to build their skills and abilities for career progression
Draws on internal and external sources to develop a sufficient pipeline of permanent and temporary managers for the portfolio
Motivates Nandocas to strive for the League of Champions and similar recognition and incentive opportunities
Attends the Nandoca communication forums within the region when invited
Conducts a regular meeting with Assistant and Junior Patraos, seeing each casa’s team at least every second month
Reviews disciplinary processes, hearings and terminations within the portfolio

Oversees casa activity including Escudo, Mystery shopper, SOS, Qpro and sales growth indicators to ensure alignment with corporate goals and operational objectives
Manages adherence to brand standards and operating policies and procedures
Implements and enforces company regulations and ensures strict compliance with Occupational Health and afety, Labour and other related legislation
Conducts regular casa visits to identify problems, concerns and opportunities for improvement and to guide Patraos in the implementation of solutions
Provides support to the Patrao by ensuring that they have he tools and equipment necessary to perform
Works with the Patrao to establish impact and mitigation plans for potential disruptions to ensure that casas continue to trade in these instances
Maintains an optimum headcount for casas within their portfolio that balances EBITDA targets with seasonal fluctuations and customer service requirements
Applies for trading licenses and submits supporting documentation
Applies for Halaal certification and submits supporting documentation
Monitors gross profit in line with monthly theoretical
Implements plans to improve the business following quarterly meetings with FRS and Patrao
Tracks the scorecard (HHIYH/ Brand Scorecard) for casas and works with the Patrao to address concern areas
Identifies risks and factors affecting business
Works with the Strategic Projects Manager to successfully onboard new and acquisition casas for the portfolio, ensuring comprehensive due diligence and the implementation of Restco standards
Works with the Loss Prevention Officer to identify and implement risk management and prevention controls in the portfolio and contributes to the investigation process where required
Works with the Regional Facilities Manager to implement planned maintenance and minor capital projects for the portfolio and addresses issues, risks and opportunities that have been identified during property inspections and condition surveys
Monitors emergency drills within the portfolio to ensure Patrao compliance to disaster and recovery management plans
Implements and drives all projects as per project plans
Shares learnings and oversees the implementation of best practice across the casas within Restco
Manages relocation, enlargement and revamp projects
Identifies opportunities for new viable sites within the portfolio and informs the Regional Manager
Completes the required questionnaire for revamps and relocations, including size, competition in the portfolio, and the impact on existing casas in the portfolio

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: Foodmark
: لم يحدد
: Dammam , Saudi Arabia
: Full time
: Free hours
: 2020-02-19
: 2020-03-19
: All
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: 398

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