Receives and distributes inventory and coordinates supply from FT offices.

Supervises the unloading and placement of inventory items into the warehouse by the helpers and Checks the incoming and outgoing shipment to ensure that all paperwork is complete and accurate

Maintains warehouse area, keeping it clean and orderly

Ensures inventory is efficiently stored and displayed.

Preparation of Delivery Order and Invoices

Customs documentation

Prepare and send invoices to customers.

Preparation and reconciliation of GRN

Coordinates plans and supervises all aspects of the inventory.

Maintaining the inventory of PPE stock

Arrangement of unloading the material to Warehouse and place it in proper places systematically.

Make the proper packing of material to dispatch to client.

Arrangement of load the materials as per the Delivery Challan issued from office.

Inspecting the materials received and prepares the Goods Receive Note with the detail of quantity and quality of received material.

Overall in-charge for other related tasks of admin and security of warehouse.

Prepares reports for Manager, summarizing the business financial position in areas of income, expenses, capital usage and cash flows, and assists with the preparation of plans, budgets and forecasts.

Preparation of Delivery Order and Invoices

Update on of DC registers.

Petty Cash Management.

Payables and receivables accounts

Preparation of payment statements, collection, settlement and other Air Conditioner documentation

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