Required engineers Communications (fiber cables and cabins)

1.Presently I am workng STC Solution IT Service FTTH,FTTX&FTTM Project.from,2012,as yet

2.Norconsult Telematics Under STC Kingdom Boarder Guard Project.From,2010 to 2012
Work as a Roll out Supervisor NEMO Fiber Project, Ministry of Interior Boarder Guard Post.
Connectivity Fiber Installation all Kingdom Boarder Post. Site Repotting CW Infrastructure QA Ensure as per Specification & Acceptance. Telecom Equipments Installation, Design and Construction of Implementation Telecom installation Networks. And OSP Infrastructure / RCDD.

3Worked as a Civil Works Construction Supervisor Nokia Siemens Networks Telenor GSM Project from Jan,2006 to Dec 2009. The Rollout, work of installation specification National American European standard Laws and regulation, Civil Works Infrastructure of GSM and Installation, BTS and Rectifier,Gen/Set ATS Electrical Panels, (TSS) Technical Site Survey, Site Kick off system, related to GSM Drawings Erict Towers,Site Hunting according to Coordinates, RFI, FAC ,and Final Acceptance.

4.Worked as a Civil Engineer with Norconsult Telematics Pakistan GSM Telenor Project,from2004 to2005.
Work as a Civil work Infrastructure of GSM Technical Site Survey, Drawings Erect Towers Grounding.
Site Kick off system. Layout drawings. Ensure as per Specification and Site Instruction and follow Proposal
5. Worked as a OSP Site Engineer in Shahgal Al-Jazira EST Saudi Arabia Coordinate with STC for documentations works from, Oct2002 to June2003. Proposal and Site Instruction, Site Supervision and Control sub-contractors and Civil work and BOQ for Optic Fiber Cable, Record for Discrepancies and Layout drawings. Ensure Specification and measure & confirm Rates as per BOQs Conduct Acceptance.

6. Worked as a OSP Supervisor for Norconsult Telematics INT, S.A Saudi Arabia From,1996 to 2002.
Worked on a project of Telephone ExpansionTEP-6/GSM, 550&450K (AT&T Project) with
The Specification of MOPTT Saudi Arabia. Long Distance Fiber Optic Cables lying & Civil Works for Cable entry ODF /MDF Junction Fiber Optic Cable Laying between Exchanges and as built drawings and OSP detailed designs. Junction of network to Connection different Exchange and for CAN RING to Connect
HRISLU with the Exchanges. Safety and Proposals for F.O Cable and minutes of meeting with Sub-Con.
Conduits M/H Installation, Fiber Routes. Telecom Construction Survey and Monitoring of Works. Quality
Assurance the Client and Measure Confirm rates as per BOQs and Final Acceptance Test.
Ensure construction operations are run according to plan, specifications and drawings.

: AWAL IT Service STC Solutions
: SR-10,000,00
: ابها , السعودية
: دوام كامل
: 8 ساعات
: 2017-10-25
: 2017-11-25
: الكل
: لا يشترط
: لا يشترط
: 780

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